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What should you be prepared to do if workplace violence occurs?

A recently passed California law – senate bill 553 (SB553) – includes new requirements for employers to prevent and respond to threats of violence in the workplace. Click here to read more about the details of Senate Bill 533.

This law is effective as of July 1, 2024, and it applies to all businesses that operate in California with ten or more employees. Employers in healthcare facilities and businesses with fewer than 10 employees are exempt.

The general requirements of SB 553 include: 

  • Implementing a detailed written Workplace Violence Prevention Plan per location that addresses several requirements such as the following:
    • New definitions of workplace violence. 
    • Description of new workplace violence types.
    • Result of workplace hazards evaluation and resolution. 
    • Ensure the active participation of employees in the development of the Plan and related training per location. 
    • Description of policies and procedures to prevent and respond to workplace violence incidents.
    • Description of incident reporting requirements.
    • Other
  • Offering and conducting employee training about the following:
    • New workplace violence prevention law and its application in their workplace.
    • Policies and procedures to prevent workplace violence in their location.
    • Workplace violence incident reporting and no-retaliation policy.
  • Maintaining records of reported incidents and related training. 

The fines for not complying with California senate bill 553 range from $18,000 for first-time offenders to $25,000 for each violation thereafter. 

Protect Your Business From Senate Bill 553

Building Safety Solutions (BSS) can help you comply with Senate Bill 553. Avoid costly penalties, and mitigate the liability exposure created by this new mandate. 

BSS has the skills and experience to assist you develop these plans in accordance with the law, and the cloud-based interactive system to train your employees in the most efficient manner without compromising productivity. Our solutions will not only prepare employees, but will also assist you make the plans readily accessible to them; and to record, track, report, and store their training compliance. 

Please contact us for more information about this product and California workplace violence law protection.

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