Building Safety Solutions, Inc. (BSS)

Business Continuity Software You Can Trust

BSS First Responder is an essential tool to improve resiliency and avoid costly business interruptions. It is one of the most cost-effective business continuity apps on the market, designed to save time and money.

The product delivers critical building systems information to the fingertips of incident responding personnel, resulting in:

  • More informed and quicker decision making.
  • Reduction in incident damage and less physical property losses.
  • Greater protection for business operations.
  • Greater brand protection.

The Leading Incident Response System

BSS First Responder is an application for iOS and Android devices that combines actionable information with communication capabilities resulting in an integrated and coordinated response to incidents. 

In addition to its easy-to-use interface, efficient content organization, and ubiquitous accessibility, the product features and functions include:

  • Building-specific information summarized in:
    • Quick reference building systems descriptions.
    • Selected schematics.
    • Interactive floor plans that quickly identify the location of critical building equipment.
  • Access to building-specific information with and without internet connectivity.
  • Access to relevant document(s) on demand
  • Communication capability via chat and voice between individual users and groups of users.
  • Face ID for quicker access.

BSS First Responder is a powerful tool not only for in-house staff, but also for personnel from police and fire departments who will access critical building information from QR codes in the building. 

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